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Age Calculator WordPress and Blogger script

An Age Calculator HTML script is a piece of code that calculates a person’s age based on their date of birth. The script is written in HTML, which is a markup language used to create web pages. The script takes the user’s date of birth as input and calculates their age based on the current date. The result is then displayed on the web page.

How To Install Age Calculator Script on your Website?

  • WordPress 

  1. Watch Video – (https://youtu.be/8ajobAcQpLw)
  2. Install Plugin “Elementor” On your WordPress.
  3. After Create A New Page In WordPress.
  4. Open Page & Click On [Edit With Elementor].
  5. Upload {template} On Elementer Page.

Now Save the Page And Publish It. Your Age Calculator Script WordPress Website Is Working Fine.

  • Blogger 

  1. Open Blogger And Create A New Blog
  2. Go To Theme Option
  3. Click On [3Dot] – Reverse To First Gen. Theme
  4. And than Remove All Old Codes
  5. Past Our Code There.

Now your Age Calculator Script website is ready to go Do Some SEO And Get Your Website On Top

  • Custom / Hosting 

  1. Open C Panel On Hosting
  2. Go To Website File’s
  3. Create A New Page [name.html]
  4. Open The Page On Html Editor
  5. Past Our Code And Save

Now Your custom Age Calculator Hosting Website is Live For Viste Your Website goes to (www.website.com/name.html)

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